Injustice. Outrage. Violation of body and trust. Here’s one thing we can do about it.

So the musician Kesha has been essentially stranded mid-career by her producer and his colleagues at SONY. Following allegations of being drugged and raped by Dr. Luke, her producer counter-sued.

In the meantime, the artist is unable to work: she’s contractually bound to continue working with Dr. Luke, the same man she’s accusing of violating her. SONY is doing nothing about this. Apparently no one is doing anything about this.

So I implore you: send a message to SONY. Boycott them until they show Dr. Luke the door, and release Kesha from her obligations to him. There need to be consequences for heinous actions, and the most effective way to get a corporation’s attention is to hit ‘em in their wallet.

If you have better ideas for taking action, I am all ears.