I love me some Adventure Time, but I’m noticing an ongoing trend that I find just a wee bit unsettling: namely that there’s almost no theme of justice in a series that is more or less packaged for kids. What the math?

So the beige dude running for his life is Cuber. An observer in the distant future, Big C breaks the fourth wall and shares ‘Graybles’, fables about the citizens of Ooo, in which a life lesson is usually displayed.

When he’s not too busy (literally) crashing a wedding and maybe Space-Homiciding an astronaut’s bride-to-be. Cause that’s totally what happens in the latest episode.

Cuber’s ship grazes the top of the bride’s space suit, shattering it, and she goes flying off, spiraling through a cold and empty void. Probs forever. The groom immediately goes on the Vengeance Offensive (good name for a death metal band, methinks), and chases Cuber down to Ooo... or what’s left of it.

What triggers the ol’ Spidey Sense is that Cuber expresses no regret over his Space Murder, and never tries to apologize to the groom he just widowed (or the fiancee’ equivalent of same). He just runs.


At the end of the episode, he crawls back to his ship and apologizes to his sister about the mess: referring to the damage done to his ship when the Space Groom tried to exact said Space Revenge. (Space.)

That being said— it’s not the first time characters have gotten away with donked up behavior with no form of punishment. Yes, there IS a Space Jail for galactic threats— all of which broke out of said Galactic Gulag five minutes after the Lich was interred there. Lumpy Space Princess floats to mind.

Yes, we have Jake the Dog and Finn the Human out there, righting wrongs and saving the day, but their approach is pretty haphazard. They’ll fight whatever monsters cross their path, or get their attention. That’s about it.


So what’s this say about the Ethics of Ooo? Should Cuber face some kind of Tribunal for accidentally killing a bride on her wedding day? Is it all good in the hood now that the nameless Space Groom scuffed up his sweet poly-faceted ride? Am I over-thinking a cartoon? (The answer to that last one is yes.)

Anyway. Sound off in the comments. Let me know what you think.


Casey Jones writes scripts and comics and speaks in silly voices. He also has a day job.