On the Hero's Journey, and Actually Choosing To Start

Good day, Nerds! I wish to put the following question to you; so give it some earnest thought. How many recent (sic) heroic adventure stories actually show the protagonist choose the heroic path? As in, are they deliberately motivated to take action? Alternatively, do their possibly-dire circumstances give them no… » 3/27/15 12:25pm Friday 12:25pm

I have a great deal of writing to catch up on. Working through a children's script before I get to sink my teeth into something more personal and fun. » 3/26/15 10:55am Thursday 10:55am

Impostor! Surefire Tests To Confirm One's Humanity

BE AFRAID. Our fair streets are rife with creatures that walk like us, talk like us, they may even THINK like us. But that person right over there might well be an impostor! There's only one way to be sure: RIGOROUS PHYSICAL AND/OR MENTAL EXAMINATION. » 3/22/15 8:32pm 3/22/15 8:32pm

The show is engrossing, satisfyingly strange. The characters are unique, the setting is stark as it is unforgiving, and the rabbit-hole levels of weird just get deeper as you go. It's grand. Mysterious, dark, and grand. » 3/21/15 1:11pm 3/21/15 1:11pm

Mantras & Meditations For People Who Hate People

So You've Been Bitten By A Werewolf, & What To Expect 

Okay! So you've been attacked by a werewolf, and managed to survive. Well done you. Whether you were bitten, scratched, or otherwise mauled, I have some bad news: the curse has been passed on to you. Your life as you know it is over. » 3/18/15 2:42pm 3/18/15 2:42pm

Amazing Spider-Man #16 Swings Back Onto Its Home Turf

I'll be frank. I did not enjoy The Spider-Verse, in which several Spider-Men fought a whole family of Morluns, for several issues. Parker's been returned to his own universe, to resume our regularly-scheduled programming. I couldn't be happier to see it actually happening. » 3/17/15 4:17pm 3/17/15 4:17pm

Thor #6 Is Visually Gorgeous, In Which Nothing Happens

Comic books are grand things, but they require a balance of elements to fire on all cylinders. To wit, Thor #6 is every bit as pretty to look at as its predecessors, but essentially nothing happens. » 3/17/15 3:34pm 3/17/15 3:34pm

Please Don't Get Killed Today, on Friday the 13th

At this point, Friday the 13th practically sneaks up on us with little-to-no warning (other than Thursday the 12th). Gone are the days where USA Network would marathon slasher flicks featuring hockey-masked goons, well into the pre-dawn hours of Saturday the 14th. » 3/13/15 12:08pm 3/13/15 12:08pm

Rest In Peace, Sir Terry Pratchett

Sir Terry Pratchett passed away earlier today, March 12. His books (numbering in the dozens) touched millions of lives. He was a knight whose pen was truly mighty, and his sword gleamed with genuine star metal. (That is not a metaphor.) He looked splendid in his fedora. » 3/12/15 5:51pm 3/12/15 5:51pm

Top Redecorating Tips, Because of All The Blood Everywhere

/gradually catches breath/ So! That was a heck of a thing! *whew* Um, I'm not— I'm not like a professional interior decorator or anything, but I have an idea or two about what we can do with this space. Really make it pop. Especially with all this human blood everywhere. » 3/11/15 5:41pm 3/11/15 5:41pm

Problems With The 'Powers' Pilot That Are Driving Me Up The Damn Wall

So the Pilot Episode of Powers premiered yesterday, and Lauren Davis was kind enough to share her thoughts on it. » 3/11/15 12:02am 3/11/15 12:02am

'Suffrajitsu' Kicks Ass In The Name of Women's Rights

It's my distinct pleasure to introduce to you the fine work of Tony Wolf and Joao Vieira: Suffrajitsu, or Mrs. Pankhurst's Amazons. It posits that most excellent question: What if women fighting for the vote in Edwardian London knew Kung Fu? » 3/10/15 6:50pm 3/10/15 6:50pm

So Your Child Is The Dark One Reborn, & Appropriate Party Suggestions

Let's not mince words: Your infant is the reincarnation of the Dark One. Don't waste time dithering on empty questions like "Which Dark One? I don't know what you mean." Come now. That's beneath you. » 3/04/15 12:37pm 3/04/15 12:37pm