Daredevil #8 Makes Purple Terrifying Again (Spoilers)

With Mark Waid and Chris Samnee at the helm, Daredevil has enjoyed more upbeat, dare-I-say cheerful adventures of late. Hell, even his trip to rescue his mother in Wakanda had its lighter moments. Point is, they do dynamite work together… which is good, because things are about to explode. (Spoilers below.) » 9/17/14 7:11pm Wednesday 7:11pm

You're on the money re: "warmed-over meatloaf". The problem with sequels, prequels, and reboots is that they're recognizable. The audience knows what to expect, so there's no need to win them over. Throw in the nostalgia factor, and it's money in the bank. » 9/17/14 12:54pm Wednesday 12:54pm

All-New X-Men #32 Casts Its Heroes To The Four Winds (Spoilers)

All-New X-Men has subtly shown us that our chrono-displaced X-Men are at their strongest when they're working as a team. This is true for the comic itself, as well. Unfortunately, after last month's chapter, none of our heroes are together, anymore. They're all over the damn place… even other dimensions. (Spoilers… » 9/17/14 3:25pm Wednesday 3:25pm

Has Korra's Life Changed Permanently? (Spoilers for Season 3)

As a successor to Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra is entirely worthy. The artwork, the music, the voice-acting, the storytelling; they've all been utterly splendid—which is why I think Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino are going to do something extraordinarily brave… and leave Korra… » 9/15/14 2:38am 9/15/14 2:38am

Look where she's standing. I could be mistaken, but that color scheme makes me think she's in the spirit world. I have the feeling she's going to be stuck in that chair for some time. » 9/14/14 10:04am 9/14/14 10:04am

Would it be terribly poor form to suggest my own book? All Fall Down: the story of superheroes and villains who lose their powers for good, and the 13 year old girl who accidentally steals them all. » 9/12/14 11:38pm 9/12/14 11:38pm

Ms Marvel #8 Showcases What Makes Kamala Khan Great (Spoilers)

In terms of comics, nothing makes my heart leap like a superheroine done right. And nowhere is that illustrated quite as well as in the pages of Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan's had a few chapters now to get the hang of her powers, and #8 does a grand job of showing her at her finest. Find out why below. (Spoilers follow.) » 9/12/14 1:45pm 9/12/14 1:45pm

Amazing Spider-Man #6 Shows Parker At His Finest (Spoilers)

True Believers! I'm thrilled to report that a bevy of excellent comics were released today (most of 'em Marvel), and Amazing Spider-Man #6 was no exception. It's got action, some laughs, and in typical Parker luck, ol' web-head puts out one fire and lights two more. Let's dive right in, shall we? (Spoilers below!) » 9/10/14 1:32pm 9/10/14 1:32pm