I’m leaving for a Boffer LARP game this weekend called Ascendant. I’ve been playing NPCs for about a year for these nerds. It’s a grand way to spend a weekend. » 4/24/15 2:56pm Friday 2:56pm

I used to love getting King Crab legs on my birthday, as kid. I stopped having ‘em for years. Recently, my sister and I have started gorging on all the crab legs, about once a month. It’s. Bliss. » 4/23/15 1:36pm Thursday 1:36pm

Must Peter Parker Be White?

Rumors abound on who will be the next Friendly Neighborhood Webslinger. After Marvel declared that Miles Morales would not be joining the MCU, I’d hoped— really hoped— that they might exercise a damn loophole. Where’s it written that Peter Parker has to be white? » 4/23/15 12:36pm Thursday 12:36pm

Been in an absolutely miserable mood, lately. Very little to account for it. I DO have a call scheduled tonight w/ a producer to discuss a thing. Hoping something gives, and soon. » 4/22/15 7:09pm Wednesday 7:09pm

I’ll be your huckleberry, if you’ll let me.

The last thing I posted was a few thoughts on Barbara Gordon. Beyond that, I’d like to get back to reviewing comics, TV, and movies— provided they’re actually SciFi or Fantasy.

No more gag posts (April Fool’s Day or otherwise), no more deletions. I can stick just to stuff… » 4/21/15 6:11pm Tuesday 6:11pm

I signed up for HBO Now. So far it's a valid life choice.

Also, I had my first session w/ a therapist, this afternoon. That too, seems like a worthy decision. Writing some pages on the children's script. Life is good.

» 4/14/15 6:15pm 4/14/15 6:15pm

I was under the impression— wrongly, I guess— that having an Apple Laptop would let me sign up for HBO Now so I could legally catch up w/ GoT. All I got was a message that ‘My browser is not supported’. Blerg, I say. Blerg. » 4/12/15 11:06am 4/12/15 11:06am

I'm being paid to work on a project starring two characters I came up with, instead of the usual 'write an adaptation' or 'write a script from this outline'. This time, the ideas are mine. It's a career first. I'm very excited. » 4/06/15 7:13am 4/06/15 7:13am

On the Indomitable Barbara Gordon

James Whitbrook gave us an in-depth look at the decades-long history of Batgirl, and rightly identified the abuse the character's suffered. But: in reading his article, I found myself smiling in spite of myself, because there is absolutely nothing you can do to keep Barbara Gordon down. » 4/02/15 1:48pm 4/02/15 1:48pm